TEDx BITSHyderabad 2014

  • Magazine in Braille

    Upasana Makati

    Founder & Publisher at White Print

  • Education for All

    Babar Ali

    World’s Youngest Headmaster

  • Heart of the Matter

    Gitanjali Sarangan

    Executive Director at Snehadhara Foundation

  • Data Visualization

    Sey Min

    Multidisciplinary Interactive Designer

  • A Dream To Fly

    Vicky Roy

    Celebrity Photographer

  • The Technology of Emotions

    Mani Shankar

    Film Director and Holographic Expert

TEDx BITSHyderabad 2012

  • The Road to an Opera

    Shekinah Shawn

    Marketing Success Manager at ClickDimensions

  • Creating "Choice" in Public Education

    Gautam John

    Nonprofit Organization Management

  • Exercise for the Brain

    John Louis

    International Grand Master Of Memory

  • Conquering the Rubik

    Orlando Bernett

    Education Management

  • How to Disrupt

    Suman Kapur

    Senior Professor at BITS Hyderabad

  • The Road Less Troubled

    Satyabrata Dam

    Indian Mountain Guide, TED coferences